Ingrown hairs? I have the solution!!

I have been battling with ingrown hairs from waxing for ages now, I was so surprised when my new waxing lady at Sorbet in Melrose Arch casually piped up, "why don't you buy a product for that?"

"Whaaaaat?? You can buy something to help with that?" I queried in a shocked tone. Fancy that, you can. She recommended I try Environ Derma-Lac, which was like fate since I recently started using Environ moisturizer on my face.

VERDICT: Works like a charm!

Chantelle Bester, from Not Another Poppie, suggested the following:

Use a body scrub to exfoliate all affected areas – be thorough but not rough, as ingrown hairs can easily become infected resulting in red, raised bumps.  This will help to lift the excess skin that covers the hair trapped in the follicle.
Follow the exfoliated skin with a spot treatment (for small areas) or lotion (for large areas) that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This will reduce inflammation and further get rid of excess skin that is trapping the hairs.

Try Environ Derma-Lac lotion (R220 for 200ml, selected skincare clinics).

I've been using Derma-Lac for about 3 months and I've noticed a significant change in the number and appearance of my ingrown hairs. Well done, Environ

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