Trend Alert: Full Skirt

This item in specific has been on my 'to-blog' list for ages, but there has only been one blogger to wear the trend. I was so happy to see a Fab Sugar article on it the other day so I'd thought I'd share with you... I love the 'full skirt' trend! 

You can read the full article here, but in the mean time here are some images:

Left to right: Joanna Hillman, Shiona Turini, Kerry Pieri.

From left: Miroslava Duma, Eva Chen, showgoer at NYFW.

The blogger I was talking about is Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, she's one of my FAVE fashion bloggers BTW. Here are a couple images of her many A-line full skirts:

Also, I found a local blogger embracing the trend! Whilst I haven't seen any full skirts locally, Brett from Fashion by Brett Robson found one at H&M in Hong Kong:

Are you excited for this trend to hit our shores?

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