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Hiya everyone 

I was very generously sent the new Cherubs Makeup Remover Wipes to review after completing a survey on Beauty Bulletin, intrigued by a new offering in the category.

I was also kindly sent a couple of extra packs of wipes, plus their cotton rounds and cotton buds.

The Eco-Facial Wipes come either in a pack of 24 or a pack of 60. There are also three variants: normal (blue), oily / combination (pink) and sensitive / dry (purple). Whilst the 24 pack comes with a stickable seal (perfect to take it around with you), I do like that the 60 pack comes with the stickable seal and a lid despite it being bulkier.

All of the wipes are lightly fragranced, they are gentle on the skin, are pH balanced, alcohol and paraben free and, best of all, are biodegradable!


The variant for normal skin contains rooibos & papaya extract rich in powerful anti-oxidants, keeping skin hydrated. The one for oily / combo skin contains lemon, ivy & sage extract to reduce oiliness, hydrate skin, and prevent localized drying in combination skin whereas the sensitive / dry variant contains sea fennel & chamomile extract to soothe skin, keeping it moisturised and hydrated.

I can vouch for all of their claims, my only gripe with the wipes? They are sadly ineffective at removing makeup, I have to rub and rub and use at least three to get some sort of result  That's kinda the whole point of the wipes, so not worth the buy in my opinion. They also are not very moist and are not very durable, they stretch and tear quite easily. However, the thing that this experience has taught me, Cherubs is an awesome brand and I so appreciate that they produce biodegradable products! 

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Now, one thing you may not know about me, I have baby wipes and anti-bacterial wipes with me almost everywhere. I have them in my makeup room, in my car, in my desk drawer, in my gym bag, in my airplane cosmetics bag and in my handbag. I am so impressed with the Cherubs brand that I am now going to replace all of my current baby wipes with Cherubs! 


Despite this review being based around the makeup wipes, the real stars for me are the cotton rounds and cotton buds! I did not know that cotton rounds weren't biodegradable (I am ashamed, no need for hate please)?! I have been flushing cotton rounds (not buds though) for years! So, I am also now switching to both the Cherubs cotton rounds and buds. Added bonus? The cotton rounds are super soft and effective for both removing makeup or nail polish.

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The 60 pack comes with a stickable seal and lid

I am so proud of this South African brand and will definitely be using the brand going forward as well as recommending them to all my friends! It's unfortunate that I don't find the makeup removal wipes very effective (and I've used enough brands in the past to be able to compare) but this experience has introduced me to a brand that I never would have tried before, until maybe when I have a child in the future.

You can visit the Cherubs website here and support the bid to minimise plastic usage and pollution!

Click here to purchase from Dischem:
Cherubs Eco Cotton Buds x 200 - R15.95
Cherubs Eco Cotton Wool Rounds x 800 - R24.95
Other Cherubs products 

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