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Hiya everyone 

Now, I am not the first person to say this lately - but how on earth is it November already?!

I have been in malls a lot lately; for work (I am a brand manager in retail), shopping for Santa's Shoe Box and grocery shopping. I have also done my fair share of window shopping too, both in stores and online, and WOW! I have seen so many gorgeous swimsuits lately! There are so many new styles, prints and cuts - for bodies from the smaller end to the larger end of the scale.

I am very much on the larger end of the scale of late. I was a skinny-malink for about 25 years of my life, but with the change in hormones that a lot of us experience in our mid-20s I have piled on the weight and, admittedly, am way too lazy to try lose it... One of my excuses? I am going to London for three weeks, who needs a "bikini body" in wintery UK? 

I read a stunning post from Superbalist's super-cool blog The Way of Us a couple of days ago. A local Instagram influencer, Nabeelah Staggiehas been dubbed swimfluencer by Superbalist's blog and has picked her ultimate swimsuit styles for summer '17. I was SO chuffed to see all of the flattering full-cossies on offer from Superbalist and international brands - such as Missguided (UK) and Vero Moda (Canada) - and local brands - such as Bacon Bikinis and Bikini Love. My full bodied figure is crying out in happiness! 

I have chosen four of the seven styles to showcase today and have picked three or four swimsuits per style to show you photos :)

• Fashion • Superbalist Swimwear Summer '17 • Click for more details and to SHOP || Jane Wonder Blog

1. Lace Up Swimsuit | Bacon Bikinis | R499 | Shop here
2. Cut Out Swimsuit | South Beach | R499 | Shop here
3. Fiji Swimsuit | Dorina | R299 | Shop here  
4. Balconette Mesh Swimsuit | South Beach | R549 | Shop here

PS. I love how you can undo/remove the straps from the Fiji and Balconette Mesh Swimsuits so you don't get tan-lines! 

• Fashion • Superbalist Swimwear Summer '17 • Click for more details and to SHOP || Jane Wonder Blog

1. Palm Print Bikini | South Beach | R249 for top and for bottoms | Shop top here and bottoms here
2. Julia Bikini | Vero Moda | R329 for top and R299 for bottom | Shop top here and bottoms here
3. Olivia Paradise Bikini | Beachcult | R549 for top and R379 for bottoms | Shop top here (on sale!) and bottoms here 
4.  Jazz Holy Moly Bikini | Bikini Love | R299 for top and R299 for bottoms | Shop top here and bottoms here 

PS. Again, the strap can be removed from the palm print bikini to make it boob tube. I recommend you attach it if you're having a swim - no lady wants a nip-slip!
How gorgeous is that yellow on the Julia bikini? Perfect for darker skin tones. 
The high-waist on the Olivia Paradise is great for fuller-bodies ladies - but not always! Always try to try on the bottoms beforehand, I sometimes find that bikini bottoms that are lower down and tie at the side are more flattering than the high-waisted ones.
Also, don't you love the neon take on the ever-popular Triangl bikini with the Jazz Holy Moly? They have many other colours available, just search "Jazz Holy Moly" and you can pick and choose! 
Lastly! I highly recommend you don't opt for a boob tube if you have a fuller bust. There is very little support and doesn't accentuate your beautiful figure.

1. Metal Details Plunge Swimsuit | Missguided | R499 | Shop here 
2. Plunge Halter One-Piece | Dailyfriday | R399 | Shop here 
3. Halterneck Zip Front Swimsuit | South Beach | R549 | Shop here 
4. Hello Boys Slogan Swimsuit | Missguided | R449 | Shop here

• Fashion • Superbalist Swimwear Summer '17 • Click for more details and to SHOP || Jane Wonder Blog

1. Embroidered Triangle Bikini Top | South Beach | R269 | Shop here 
2. Floral Embroidered Swimsuit | Missguided | R599 | Shop here 
3. Embroidered Plunge Tie Neck Swimsuit | South Beach | R699 | Shop here 

PS. That plunge tie neck with the embroidered detail is perfect for ladies with a smaller chest area - the detail gives the allusion of a fuller bust whereas styles such as boob tubes rather highlight the bust area which you may not want.

FYI, the other three styles that Nabeelah loves are "The strappy one", "Bardot lace-up" and "The nautical halterneck". These are my three least-fave styles she mentions, but still beautiful none the less! 

See Nabeelah's breakdown of her fave styles and her Suberbalist picks HERE

Shop all swimwear on Superbalist HERE!

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